Data Lab for Philanthropy in Israel

The Problem

There is a lack of consistent, comprehensive data on philanthropic giving in Israel. This lack of data puts Israel at a disadvantage in academic research, policy making, and in fundraising practice. 

The Vision

The data lab for philanthropy is Israel is designed to map, study, collect, analyze and share statistical data on charitable giving in Israel. It is a complex co-operation engaging representatives from various governmental agencies, national philanthropic institutions, private philanthropic organizations, and academic researchers in the process.

A Game Changing Outcome

The goals of this project are to have better data and understanding of giving behaviors, to promote vast academic research, to enable reasoned policy-making and to create an opportunity for sharing data and knowledge, supporting development of best practices and strategy among foundations, donors and non-profits. This project is based on collaborative efforts with researchers and institutional partners such as: Yad Hanadiv, The Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, Brandies University, Maala, Committed to Give and The Central Bureau of Statistics.

שנתון העמותות 2018 מונגש-1.jpg

שנתון העמותות 2018 (וובינר)


Foreign Entity Contributions 2012-2019 (Hebrew)


Patterns of Individual Giving in Israel 2016


Giving in Israel Data,


שנתון העמותות 2018 מונגש-1.jpg

שנתון העמותות 2018

תרומות יחידים בישראל.jpg

Individual giving in Israel, 2019, Q1 (Hebrew)


Report on giving trends of publicly traded corporations, Israel 2013-2017 (Hebrew)

פילנתרופיה יהודית אמריקאית LP.jpg

The Jewish-American philanthropy towards Israel, 2000-2015

שנתון העמותות 2018 מונגש-1.jpg

מפת התמצאות בשנתון העמותות 2018

דוח תרומות חברות ציבוריות 2018-1.jpg

Report on giving trends of publicly traded corporations, Israel 2018 (Hebrew)

תרומות יחידים בישראל - דוח רבעוני 2 - אפ

Individual giving in Israel, 2019, Q2 (Hebrew)

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