Research and Policy Papers

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy emphasizes the importance of conducting groundbreaking research in order to promote more effective philanthropy, facilitate social action and advance legislative change.


Our main research activities focus on synthesizing different theoretical perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches into cohesive and comprehensive recommendations, which can be passed on to the decision-making community for the purpose of creating a long-lasting philanthropic, social, fiscal and corporate policy.


ILP members collaborate with scholars of international schools and universities, as well as with researchers of leading centers and institutes working in the field.


A Theory of Justice and Philanthropy: A Rawlsian Exercise (Forthcoming)


Social businesses: Are they eligible for tax credits? (Hebrew)


Exploring the Rationale for the Charitable Contribution Deduction Theoretical Inquiries in Law (2016)


Tax Policy Analysis of Section 46 Israeli Tax Ordinance, Prof. Yoram Margalioth (Tel Aviv University) (Hebrew)

Dr. Hannah Shaul Bar Nissim,: Trends and Transformations in American-Jewish Philanthropy 2000-2015 (INSS Publications)


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